Recurring application processes
on a modern and intuitive user interface
for WinForms/Win32 applications.

UI-component with a page-driven architecture

The intent of the XConsoleControl is to provide recurring application processes on a modern and consumer-grade user interface for WinForms/Win32 applications. This is achievable with little effort thanks to the page-driven architecture of the XConsoleControl: the component offers a set of pre-built pages, where each page meets a specific purpose and already contains the necessary UI-elements.

See the Pages



Easily customizable

You can adapt the XConsoleControl to your specific needs by configuring the pages and the UI-elements contained therein. Thanks to the event-driven character of the component you provide the information to display and take actions on the occurrence of defined events.

See the UI-elements


XConsoleControl is a .Net assembly with an interface to COM and is therefore accessible from WinForms and Win32 applications. XConsoleControl enables you to extend your application by a modern user experience without leaving the existing development path.


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The best way to see how to integrate XConsoleControl is to download a free trial version. If you have questions about implementation, adaptation, or anything else, let us know.

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